It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m Marshall Townsend II

I'm the person with 30+ years of team-building expertise that entrepreneurs and professionals go-to for tools and strategies that actually work, so they can discover how to build and lead an effective team faster.

My mission is to coach, teach, speak, and lead business leaders to ignite their passion for running incredible businesses.

As a leadership coach and mentor, I saw many organizations run by passionate and capable leaders, lacking followers with the same passion and drive. It breaks my heart to see leaders and companies fail because leaders cannot empower their teams to become the dream teams they desire, and the company needs to be successful.

That is why I built my company, MT2Leadership, and why I am passionate about coaching world-class organizations and leaders. It is also why I became a John Maxwell Team certified coach, speaker, and trainer. I quickly advanced to the Executive Director level with the John Maxwell Team, so I can be your one-stop shop to accelerate your leadership growth, help create passionate and dynamic teams that grow your company profits.

- MT2Leadership Culture -

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