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Marshall Townsend is a leadership coach, thought leader, author, and motivational speaker who focuses on business owners, leaders, and solopreneurs who want to grow their companies, create impact with their ideas, and get their message heard.

Marshall’s unique approach to training leaders and developing learning programs have made him a sought-after speaker, online educator, and consultant for senior leaders nationwide. Marshall’s clients include leaders in the Army National Guard in over 40 states, small and large corporations, business owners, and speakers and influencers building their public speaking careers. In addition, Marshall’s training designs and strategies are still in use today by the US Army nearly 35 years after he developed them.

He has spoken at industry-leading events and youth training programs, including keynote speaker for the First Tees Joe Louis Barrow Jr. Skills and Leadership Academy, leadership forums with the US Air Force at Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, the Army’s National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, and several national podcast and web shows.

Possible Headlines:

• Leadership and Learning: When you see the learning, everything changes.

• Mark Your Ball: Leadership lessons from the game of golf.

• A Conversation with a Mountain: Overcoming your limiting beliefs and moving to higher ground.

• A Conversation with the Ocean: Leave shallow water behind and seek the deep blue.

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Suggested Interview Questions:

1) Mark Your Ball: Leadership Lessons from the game of Golf.

a) How do you help businesses, leaders, and youths discover the importance of marking their ball?

Marshall will share his philosophy of how the act of marking your ball changes your mindset from a person that lives their life on the driving range and those that live life on the golf course. It is the difference between a fire-and-forget mentality and learning to take ownership and responsibility for actions.

b) Why do you think we mark our ball on the golf course?

Marshall will share the three reasons for ownership and how they affect our thinking and actions in the real world. How we live is based on how and when we mark our ball.

c) What is wrong with the driving range? Don’t we need practice?

Marshall will share his breakdown of the word practice, where he assigns a definition for each of the letters and how, when applied, practice is more than just trying to make perfect. Intentional practice is more than just a warm-up or where you throw away your best shots for the day.

2) Conversation with a Mountain: Overcoming limiting beliefs and moving to higher ground.

a) What are the most dangerous times when climbing a mountain, achieving goals, or chasing your dreams?

Marshall will discuss the business owner’s journey to achieve success and how the uphill and downhill paths are not the most dangerous part of the journey.

b) Talk to me about the campfire. Most people see a campfire as a safe and secure place to be. Why do you dislike the campfire?

Marshall will discuss his philosophy on the campfire being the number one killer of dreams. Once we get stuck, we stay stuck because stuck sticks.

c) How do you get out of your comfort zone? How do you escape the campfire?

Marshall will talk about the fight to separate yourself from the comforts of the campfire and adventure into the wilderness. To get back on the trail and grow your business. It’s not about starting over; it’s about starting a new.

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